Working Together Towards A Successful Scouting Experience

"We never fail when we try to do our duty, we always fail when we neglect to do our duty."

Sir Robert Baden-Powell

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Higley Stake Pinewood Derby 2011

This year's Stake Pinewood Derby was a HUGE success...lots of fun racing...cheering fans...and cool awards!!!The event was decked out with some fun racing gear...flags... posters and even a soundtrack!!!

Cub scouts...Start your engines!!!!

And they're off....

Go!!! Go!!! Go!!!

Some wards handed out medals, certificates or trophies...

One ward presented the "flat tire" award cake to the car that never won a race! Ironically...this was the award the boys most wanted to win!!! :)

I thought these candy cars were so cool!!! (And yummy too!)

Checking in...waiting for their race time...

All ready for action!

Some of our cool Cubs with their cool cars!

Check out these cool cars!!!

And more cool cars--so creative!

Someone has a fan club!!! Too cool!!!

The finish-line

More AWESOME cars!!!

Gotta get it just right!

So excited to get their awards!

A great and memorable day for our AWESOME Higley Stake Cubs and Cubscout leaders!

Way to go CUBS!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Representing Higley Stake

A special thanks to the Higley Ward, Pack 307 for doing an AMAZING job at the Flag Ceremony for Round Table this month!
They were so eager and excited to help!

They worked so hard to prepare ....

and did a GREAT job!

What a wonderful representation of our Stake to have these young Cub Scouts come prepared and serve eagerly!

Posting Colors...

A special thanks to their wonderful leaders for working with them and being there to support them!
You all do such a wonderful job in your callings!
Thank You!

Religious Knot Evening of Honor

The Higley Stake would like to congratulate Pack 893 of the Gateway Ward for working together as Leaders and Cub Scouts to earn their Religious Knots.
A total of 14 Cub Scouts and 6 leaders earned either their knots or pins!
What an accomplishment!!!

The boys and parents were so proud of all their hard work!

After receiving their awards, the boys joined together to sing "The Armies of Heleman."

What a wonderful way to end the night!

Congrats again to Pack 893 and Sister Jori Udall for organizing the Cubs and Leaders to work together to receive this Honor!
Way to GO!!!!